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The Heart and Soul of a Woman by Gin-Nie Tanner Smith

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Folks, I have survived a mild stroke.  The muse is all over me and verses are being formed as I enter this now.  Check them out on Excerpts and thank God for every ray of sunshine you have on your face.  Love ya, Hug ya, Gin-Nie

Alen-Faye-Gin-Nie-Lana at book signing at Hopeful
Boone County Alumni & Good Friends12/09/2009

Thank you so much, all of you that braved the horrible wind and cold to support me at Hopeful Lutheran Church in Florence KY.  Not to mention Pastor Blair and Sherry Walters.  It was a wonderful and warm time, inside, what a great time we had. 


If you would like me to come speak to your group, do contact me via email at or,

Love to all, Gin-Nie


Responses From Readers:

"Gin-Nie's verse shows a passon for and mastery of the written word while translating raw emotion", Laura, Cinnci; Wonderful";"Engaging";"Powerful";"Can't stop with one verse or pondering" -Pastor Lowrey; Inspiring";"Provoking";"Oh, Gin-Nie, Your muse stirs the timeless heart.  So Wonderful." -Bill of Bill & Laura (WMAG Radio)... "Your verse and ponderings got me through my husband Rick's last cancer teatment, procedure, Thank you", Kathy-Greensboro NC..."Thanks for  mailing the book, it did minister to me and  make me realize again, I can get thru this beast in me, I had my bone marrow biopsy last Tuesday so next week we will know if im in remission!! I'll cherish this book for always, so much of the poetry  just fits, thanks again 'Hugs and Love Laura Mollis Hall of Indiana";

(Note form Gin-Nie, Let's put Laura & Rick on our Prayer List)..Update: Prayer works...Laura is in remission although a bit ill from the chemo...PTL!!!

  The books are here and ready to ship!!
Now is the time to order!
Dear Friends,
Please order your own copy of my new book, We Are All Poets, as well as The Heart and Soul of a Woman,  full of Poetry and Ponderings from a Child of Grace. 
I would be grateful if you would send $13.50 via
check or money order (includes shipping) to:
Gin-Nie Tanner Smith
6184 Hickory Creek Road
High Point NC 27263
**Be sure to note if you would like an
autographed copy and to whom.



(above, see the front cover)    

Within the bindings, of the Heart and Soul of a Woman Series, you will find many tears yet many joys; joys of both spiritual and earthly delights and passion. 

When you find the tears, follow the trial of hope; when you find the joys, follow the trial of laughter resounding with victory.  Hope, passion & laughter are the music my song. 

                    Love, Gin-Nie

Copyright 2008


"The Heart and Soul of a Woman"

This is not just for the ladies as the verse and messages are universal of gender.  Many readers are men who have shared how much they have enjoyed this literary offering.

Lastest News: We Are All, Poets is now available.  Little Bird, the new children's book is as well.  Email me for information at


AND, You are invited to Hopeful Lutheran Church in Florence KY for a reading and book signing on December 9th at 6:30 p.m.  I will do my best to warm your heart and soul just in time for the holidays.  I will be so pleased to see you there!


There are volumes left of Poetry and Ponderings of a Child of Grace.  To be assure getting your copy the 1st Edition, Order Now!



Gin-Nie Today...Go ahead, Laugh, I do!!!
Welcome, to my little world of verse, ponderings and memories. Be at peace my friends.

“If only one person finds themselves within the lines of my verse to gain inspiration and the spirit of empowerment, I will rejoice to know they have found their innate talents thus to fulfillment in life.”     

Humbly, Gin-Nie


  When you purchase and begin to explore the Heart and Soul of a Woman, you will experience a very private, deep part of who I am. 

   Perhaps you will find yourself within the lines of these reflections of my heart and soul.   My joy would be you discover your own path to grace and peace along your own walk.

   Please, don’t wait for someone else to fulfill you, as inspiration may seem to come from another, but it truly is within you to empower.                

                                       Go for it! 


Comes From Faith!

The Vintage Inn! This is a wonderful B & B in Yadkinville NC in the middle of NC wine country. Charming, spotless, quiet and great hosts, Chip and Sandy; great brunch included.