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The Heart and Soul of a Woman by Gin-Nie Tanner Smith

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  About the Author:

     Gin-Nie currently  lives simply in High Point, North Carolina with her husband of forty years this August 30th, Steve.  She works full time, but manages to write verse and memories, paints her canvas, enjoys a puppet ministry with her alter ego pony pal Sunny; playing the hammered dulcimer and bowed psaltery; but most of all revels in the lives of her three wonderful children and five grandchildren. 

     She is a Kentuckianna Gal being raised between southern Indiana, and northern Kentucky (and points in-between and beyond) from 1948 until she married in 1968.  Her school years were at North Vernon and Florence Elementary schools, as well as North Vernon and Boone County High schools.  Gin-Nie is a proud Boone County High Rebel grad and alumni, class of 1966.

     As a toddler she was diagnosed, after near death, with kidney disease due in part to having been born with the rare condition of four kidneys.  After surgery at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati, she literally bounced back to health by removing the iv from her tiny foot, climbing out of the hospital bed and running down the dark hallways before being retrieved by an orderly.  This has been her life cycle; surviving many death defying occasions of both spirit and body by pulling out the ominous thorn and continuing on.

     Gin-Nie loves to travel.  The highlight of her traveling was being being invited on a trip to Tuscany, Italy from the Olive Garden restaurant chain and staying at the Riserva de Fizzano.  A glorious week of learning the stylings of chef Romana Neri, touring the Roman forum ruins and the breathtaking country side and villages from Sienna to Roma, and point’s in-between, inspired a new approach of cooking, appreciation of history and the loving, exciting familia lifestyle of the Italian people and culture.   However, Hawaii and the Caribbean was utterly awesome and inspiring as well. 

     Oh, yes, Gin-Nie has danced on Broadway, granted unpaid on the street after attending a wonderful play called Swing and there was applause by bystanders for her impromptu performance.  She actually was on the stage of Cats; she was seated in stage seating and danced with one of the cats after the was a wonderfully entertaining shuffle.

Thank You!

   The following good people have been instrumental in the completion of this compilation of poetry, prose and memories in verse.  For each of them are tightly interwoven into this labor of the spirit as well as my heart. I would not exist without their light leaving the memories and inspiration set forth, benign.


Children: S. Christian Smith, M. Shane Smith, Barbara Barnum;           

Delightful Daughter-in-Law:  Angie Quandt Smith who suffered the loss of Chris during his hours of assistance with this project.   

Sisters: Joyce Ruble Bradford & Faye Ruble Engle; 

My Late Brother: Lanny Ray Ruble,

The Criswell Family, The Tanner Family, The Lednum Family of Staley NC, The Smith Family of Siler City NC, Piney Grove UMC, Siler City NC; Hopeful Lutheran Church, Florence KY; 

The late Bertha Davenport of North Vernon IN;


Steve Smith, my fella of forty years, who allowed me pursuit of the desires of my heart, especially the ones he doesn't understand; and what a ride in this life.


Chris and Shane: Thank you both for your editing skills, encouragement and strength.  Chris, for taking time to afford me your wisdom in layout, contacts and hours of review.  Shane for your spell checks and inspiration.


Ciara, Connor, Quinn, Alex and Sophie Smith: my divine grands, the very beat of my heart and inspiration of the beauty of life.


Corrie, The Better Editor: Thank you for your kind words and solid suggestions.